Become an Agent

Become a Park Agent

Having your own Christmas paid for in advance is a great feeling, but helping friends, family and colleagues plan their dream Christmas is even better. By adding people to your account as customers, you become a Park Agent, and the benefits are amazing:

  • Pride - There's no better feeling helping the people you care about plan for Christmas and seeing their happy faces as you hand out their orders.
  • Social life - You'll get to see everyone a lot more throughout the year when you collect their payments. The perfect excuse for a coffee morning!
  • Commission Reward - You can earn Commission Reward on their orders as well as your own.

See what our Agents have to say about why they love being a Park Agent.

How to become an Agent

Start off by telling friends, family members and the people you work with that you're a Park Agent. Ask them to visit this website to check out all of the things they can order, or hand them a copy of our catalogue.

You can print leaflets (209kb pdf) to hand out or pop through neighbours' letterboxes and print posters (2008kb pdf) for the notice board in work to encourage people to join you.

Once people are interested and they know what they'd like to order, login to your online account and follow these three easy steps for each new customer ...

  1. Click 'Add customers' and fill in their details
  2. On the 'customers and orders' page, click 'Add order' for your customer, select 'Full Range' or 'Best sellers' and add the items to your basket.
  3. Go to your basket and checkout


Once you've placed everyone's orders, simply collect their regular payments throughout the year and pay them into your Park account. There are many ways to pay.

Top tip to make things easy - why not ask customers to set up a weekly Standing Order to your own bank account? It's a hassle free way of collecting payments plus you'll have their money ready for when you want to make a payment to Park.


Once your account is fully paid, everyone's orders will be delivered to your home so you can hand them out to your customers. It's a great feeling when you see their faces light up.

See here for more information on deliveries of your orders.

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