Frequently Asked Questions

Payments I have a query regarding my payments Can I pay online? My online payment declined - why? When is my final payment due? Have I paid too much? Have I paid enough? Can I check what payments I've made? Can I pay over the phone? When can I start paying for my orders? What happens if I can't keep up with payments? How many weeks are there left to pay? How do I make a payment? An incorrect or duplicate payment is showing on my Account? My payment is not showing on my Account Who do I make cheques payable to? When was my last payment? How often do I need to make my payments? I'm experiencing difficulties making a payment online What was my last payment and when was it received? I have a card payment issue Can I set up a Standing Order? Can I pay using online banking? I wish to pay by telephone banking How do I work out my weekly payments? I'm having difficulties getting payments from my customers