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An important update from us about Park Christmas Savings Ireland

Sadly, we have to let you know that 2020 will be the last year of trading in Ireland for Park Christmas Savings.
We've absolutely loved helping you plan for Christmas and we're really going to miss all our customers in Ireland.

Why are we doing it?

Due to changes in trading conditions, we have reached the decision that operating in Ireland is no longer viable for us as a business.
We've been serving customers in the Irish market for 12 years, and it's been a real privilege to help you plan for Christmas as part of our Park Christmas Savings family. We're very sorry that 2020 will be our last year with you, and we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your custom over the years.
If you completed payment you should have received your complete Christmas 2020 order by now. All gift cards and vouchers we have sent out can still be spent as normal - you don't have to be in a hurry to spend them, and its fine if you plan to gift them. Normal expiry dates are still valid, you can find this on the front or back of the card or voucher.

What this means

2021 present

What this means if you ordered for Christmas 2021:

If you've already started to plan for Christmas 2021, we're really sorry that we can't continue to help you get organised for the big day.
If you have made any payments towards your 2021 order, we will be organising a full refund to be sent to you via cheque as quickly as possible. To help us do this, please log into your online account and check/update your contact details by no later than 10am on Monday 14th December 2020.

On Tuesday 15th December, we'll be issuing and sending out all refund cheques by post, to the address registered on your account. It's really important that we have your correct delivery details to make sure your cheque gets to you safely. If you have a standing order set up, please get in touch with your bank as soon as possible to cancel this.

You will find that you can't change or add to your order in your online account any more. All orders will be cancelled as they will no longer be fulfilled in 2021. We've stopped the ability to add any new products to orders, to avoid any confusion. You'll still be able to view your order and any payment details in your online account right up until September 2021, for your peace of mind.

What happens next?

We hope this page solves any questions you may have. We also have some FAQs below which gives a bit more detail. If you would like any more information, or if you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Care team, they'll be happy to help.

Thank you so much for being part of our Park Christmas Savings family. It isn't easy for us to do this but we've absolutely loved helping you plan for Christmas during the last 12 years. We hope you continue to plan for and enjoy a magical Christmas this year, next year and beyond.


I've already started planning for Christmas 2021, what happens to the money I've paid in?

If you have already started saving for Christmas 2021, the payments you have made will be returned in full by cheque. The refund cheque will be posted out to the account holder's registered address on 15th December 2020. Please ensure your details are up to date no later than 10am on Monday, 14th December 2020, to help avoid any delays. If you are a customer of an agent, the cheque will be sent straight to your agent to arrange the refund back to you. If you are an agent and have customers, please let them know of this decision and ensure any refund they are due is distributed to them as soon as you receive the funds.

What will happen to the orders I've already placed for Christmas 2021?

All orders will be cancelled as they will no longer be fulfilled in 2021. Any payments already made will be returned to you, or your agent (if you have one) in full.

How does this affect vouchers/gift cards that I haven't yet spent?

This doesn't affect any vouchers/gift cards you currently hold. Your 2020 order can still be spent at your leisure, and you can continue to spend these in the normal way prior to their expiry.